Welcome to Jan Hvizdak’s website

This is a personal website of Jan Hvizdak and it’s dedicated to various online PHP tools&tips, experiences with MySQL databases, my own WordPress plugins with opportunity to purchase full versions as well as dedicated development of custom Wordpress plugins, and ideas along with photography. Make sure you also visit TOP which is a project for identification of poor and quality traffic!

In a case you’d like to learn more about who I am, simply visit the about me page or check my twitter profile.

Things to know

There isn’t much to tell at this stage as there are other pages within this website that offer the right content, however the following list makes things clearer for you when browsing this website:

  • You’re not being spied on by Google as there’s no Google Analytics nor other Google code here :) .
  • Of course, the first point is valid unless you’re using Chrome or some Google-powered spying tool.
  • Opera is just perfect when it comes to browsing, give it a try in case you aren’t using it yet.
  • I still offer certain services, you’re welcome to drop me a line at any time.
  • Bear in mind, the quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.