WordPress plugins developed by Jan Hvizdak

Here below are links pointing to my plugins for WordPress, my goal is to offer 50 different plugins that help webmasters maintain their websites & earn money. If you know of any plugin that should be developed, drop me a line so I can start as soon as possible.

  • TOP Page Quality Analytics is project that connects TOP Tracking with WordPress based websites. Plugin simply allows tracking quality of traffic coming to any WP website.
  • Cross-Linker is a long ongoing project with few breaks and further plans. Primary goal is to develop a jQuery based admin environment, however this goal doesn’t carry high priority as the current admin panel works properly.
  • Related-Pages is a project that keeps waiting for ideas from webmasters. This plugin was developed upon customer’s request. Moreover on June 28th 2013 this plugin was added to repository at WordPress.
  • Captcha Godfather is a plugin that needs a complete re-do. Instead of captcha verification, spam will be detected in another way so visitors who submit comments aren’t asked for any captcha verification (the whole process has to be user-friendly).


As stated above, my plan is to offer 50 different plugins that help people. Each plugin will be offered as free and PRO version which means further development is secured by customers. This business model really works and keeps plugins updated on a regular basis.