TOP Website Quality Analytics beta release

Who is TOP Website Quality Analytics for?

What is TOP Website Quality Analytics and how does it differ from Google Analytics?

In short, this analytics system is about measuring the quality of a web page based on how long visitors stay on a site! TOP stands for ‘Time On Page’ which is an important factor of the ranking algorithm not only in Google, but also in Bing. Time on Page or “Time on Site” should be used to identify weak search terms and pages that do not satisfy visitors. Those weak pages should be rebuilt and eventually the layout/content changes will come into effect, which could then result in greater user friendliness and better positions in search results. Our tool does not replace Google Analytics but offers an additional metric that they don't include!

If you're unsure whether time on site really is a factor that affects positions in search results, please read the following articles on this topic;

Google won't tell you total length of visit as Google Analytics' representation of visit length is based upon action called “last open page or reload” which in fact means that even a 20 minutes visit appears as a zero second visit if visitor makes no click on your website after coming to it from search results for instance. In addition Google engineers don't want you to know exact time on site spent by visitors as this is a part of their ranking algorithm!

Happy visitors do spend plenty of time on a site no matter whether they click somewhere or not. Bounce rate of 80% doesn't mean your site sucks! Moreover lots of sites nowadays use jQuery which means “last open page or reload” is totally unreliable because most likely not all involved objects call the script which triggers activity in your Google Analytics account. In order to tell search engines your site is liked by many you have to identify top quality pages, pages with poor performance, search terms that bring best visits, and search terms that are worthless for your website, then improve it as user experience grows. With proper knowledge it's easy to make your website better, and once it's improved it can earn more money than ever before!

I want to fully understand the behaviour of users who visit my website, what to do now?

It's easy, simply register if you don't have an account yet, or login if you're a member already! Membership is free of charge and the basic free plan includes statistics about the last 1000 visits which means you can use all features without spending anything! Perhaps you're interested in a sample report, click here to see one.