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Related Pages is a WordPress plugin which puts manually selected links under any particular page or post.

Even though Related Pages is available free of charge with limited functionality, it is strongly recommended to upgrade to PRO version in order to use all features and get guaranteed support. Customers may receive customisation within PRO version too. Here below are links pointing to various sections of this page including download section.

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Latest news

28 June 2013 - PRO version will be given new features including bulk delete, grouping by post/page and others. Free version has been released at WordPress today.

Installation instructions

  • Download the plugin (download link is located below, there’s no need to download it yet).
  • Downloaded zip file should be placed in your WordPress installation in following path: /wordpress/wp-content/plugins .
  • Unzip the package, you should get a new directory called “related-pages” in the parent directory. If you have Related Pages already running in your WordPress, this directory should already exist.
  • If there is a previous installation of Related Pages, overwrite all existing files.
  • If there is no previous Related Pages installation, open admin panel of your WordPress and activate the plugin.
  • Installation is done, ensure the plugin is activated and setup your related pages as per instructions below.
  • Open your WordPress admin panel and find Related Pages in Tools/Related Pages. Click it and you’ll be given the screen of plugin’s admin panel.
  • Now check “Add/Delete/Modify records ” and setup your first page that can be linked to from any post or page.
  • Simply modify or add new post/page and note there’s a menu called “Related documents” being shown. Simply pick the links you’d like to be shown under edited post or page and publish the document as usual.
  • You’re finished. Please, make sure you review various options that can be found in the Settings console.

How it works

The plugin will display selected links under pages or posts as chosen by webmaster. Links are created, edited and maintained manually by webmaster via admin panel and each link may carry different anchor text, CSS class, target attribute and other attributes in general. Duplication of URL’s is allowed due to possibility of using various alternatives of same URL depending on content of page that a link is placed in. Plugin supports Russian characters, this option has to be enabled in the settings menu.

The plugin Related Pages allows linking to any web document, these don’t have to be located in your blog. No matter whether you decide to link to a youtube video, PDF document, mp3 song or torrent - this plugin allows any URL to be linked!

PRO version offers various features such as very user-friendly admin panel, backups and dynamic search when picking links for a particular page/post.

Download Related Pages - FREE & PRO

Choose version of your Related Pages below!
☺FREE version☺ ✯PRO version✯
Backlink-free YES ✔
Dynamic search within links YES ✔
Paging & “Order by” records YES ✔
Multilingual support YES ✔
1 or 2 column display for links YES ✔
Backups & Imports/Exports YES ✔
Response in 24 hours & support YES ✔
SQL optimisation yes YES ✔
Important Free version offers functionality for those who would like to try the plugin. PRO version offers extra & user-friendly features and is recommended for every serious webmaster! Once you issue a payment, you will receive PRO version in 24 hours on your email! If your personal email is different from your paypal email, mention it in the field named “Instructions to seller”, please!!!
Price free $29.99 ONLY!
Download links Download free version by clicking here

Report bugs or suggest a feature

The form below shall be used when enquiring about functionality of Related Pages, when you need help or clarification, and when you’d like to suggest a feature. Leave as much details as possible so I can help you fast. Users of PRO version will receive a reply in 24 hours.