Live projects

Here below is a list of my projects, some aren’t worth mentioning or have been closed, therefore aren’t mentioned on this page.

  • WinLottery.Biz has become one of the main projects after allowing public see the guaranteed system bets for lotteries which I created the algorithm for.
  • Project TOP was started in October 2013 and is an application that helps webmasters to identify worst and best performing pages, search terms. The application gives comprehensive overview on quality of traffic. This application supports Wordpress by own plugin.
  • Aqua-Fish.Net was started in 2005. This is a rebuilt project attracting thousands of visits on a daily basis.
  • Tipujeme.Org which is a project focusing on Slovak lotteries started in 2013. This project is about to be extended in order to cover more lotteries and countries.
  • Cross-Linker WordPress plugin which is a WordPress plugin designed for automatic linking started in 2008.
  • Related-Pages WordPress plugin was started in 2013 and is offered as free and PRO version just like Cross-Linker.
  • CumGirl.Org is a non-profit project that was started just for fun and I plan to extend it by 2015. Tools and new ideas will be tested on that website.
  • FishPonds.Biz is a project started back in 2011 with one goal from a programmer’s point of view - to test a website where files replace role of a database. Of course it also serves visitors and helps them with pond life.

“To-be-updated” projects

Projects listed below don’t carry high priority these days, however my plan is to improve them. Some websites listed below were started just to understand ranking algorithms of search engines, so accept my apology for design or content.

  • CarsArmored.Org is a project that was started in 2007 and primary goal was to offer information about armoured vehicles. Since I don’t have time to keep it updated, it’s kept “as is”.
  • A-Bonsai.Org is a project I wish I had more time for. It definitely is worth spending time and money as lots of people are fascinated by growing their own bonsai trees. It also has financial potential.
  • GelFireplaces.Org could be classed as “MFA” which represents term Made For Ads. There’s no doubt it can be considered MFA, however ownership of this website has brought me lots of experiences with algorithms of Google and Bing/Yahoo.
  • FireplacesSheffield.Com was started because I found this domain to be expired and not renewed by previous owner, therfore I took it and put there some content. Obviously there was existing organic traffic at time when I took over this domain which was beneficial.