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Cross-Linker is a WordPress plugin designed to automatically insert links into text with wide options of controlling linking behaviour.

Cross-Linker is offered as free software, however it is recommended to upgrade to PRO version as it guarantees support, quality, maximum performance and delivery of minor releases free of charge. Over 598 happy customers worldwide could prove that! In addition the PRO version offers support of Russian language. Here below are links pointing to various sections of this page including download section.

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Latest news

23 January 2014 - New version of free Cross-Linker has been released today; It now supports old PHP releases. Cross-Linker PRO is available for old PHP installations too! It’s still recommended to upgrade to the PRO version as speed within the admin panel has been improved significantly and the number of queries towards MySQL has been reduced with the PRO release!

Installation instructions

  • Download the plugin (download link is located below, there’s no need to download it yet).
  • Downloaded zip file should be placed in your WordPress installation in following path: /wordpress/wp-content/plugins .
  • Unzip the package, you should get a new directory called “cross-linker” in the parent directory. If you have Cross-Linker already running in your WordPress, this directory should exist already.
  • If there is a previous installation of Cross-Linker, overwrite all existing files.
  • If there is no previous Cross-Linker installation, open admin panel of your WordPress and activate the plugin.
  • Installation is done, ensure the plugin is activated and setup your first automatic link as per instructions below.
  • Open your WordPress admin panel and find Cross-Linker in Tools/Cross-Linker. Click it and you’ll be given the screen of plugin’s admin panel.
  • Now click “Open/Close The Console For Hyperlinking” and setup your first automatically hyperlinked word :) .
  • You’re finished. Please, make sure you review various options that can be found in the Settings console.

How it works

The main purpose is to make linking easier and automatic. It’s quite difficult and time consuming to insert say 20-30 links into each post especially when a word Bing should point to Bing, right? Cross-Linker makes linking easy by hyperlinking each word as many times as defined.

Say that you’ve configured the Cross-Linker to point to Bing via words bing, bing search engine, bing search maximally 3 times per page. With Cross-Linker it’s all possible and these terms will be hyperlinked maximally 3 times (each term 3 times) per post. Actually you can configure more than that; Attributes, linking to your own posts, importing blogroll links, adding HTML tags to be ignored, adding blocks of text that must not be hyperlinked by Cross-Linker, managing characters which are allowed as “part of a word”, managing currently active or inactive hyperlinked words and terms, or exporting and importing data, and also including creation and restore of backups.

Additionally it’s also possible to define language of your page which tells Cross-Linker whether to use all words from the database, or those in (say) English, German, Russian, or so!

Download Cross-Linker - FREE & PRO

Choose version of your Cross-Linker below!
☺FREE version☺ ✯PRO version✯
Filesystem-stored data YES ✔
Backlink-free YES ✔
Statistics of linked terms YES ✔
Full database optimisation YES ✔
Automated backups YES ✔
Multilingual support YES ✔
Bulk actions YES ✔
Force enable/disable YES ✔
Response in 24 hours & support YES ✔
Support of Russian characters YES ✔
Pagination & Order by YES ✔
Maximum links by Cross-Linker YES ✔
SQL optimisation partial YES ✔
Important Free version offers good and sufficient functionality for those who would like to try out Cross-Linker. Once you’re familiar with Free version and you want more, consider buying PRO version. Once you issue a payment, you will receive PRO version in 24 hours on your email! If your personal email is different from your paypal email, mention it in the field named “Instructions to seller”, please!!!
Price free $29.99 ONLY!
Download links Download free version by clicking here

Report bugs or suggest a feature

The form below shall be used when enquiring about functionality of Cross-Linker, when you need help or clarification, and when you’d like to suggest a feature. Leave as much details as possible so I can help you fast. Users of PRO version will receive a reply in 24 hours.



Donations are still welcome as they keep the thing running no matter whether there are sales or not. Even people who’ve bought PRO version are welcome to donate! People who donate will carry greater priority when considering further add-ons, and such people may request unique features for their websites only! Moreover, webmasters who’ve donated may request free assistance and clarification when setting up Cross-Linker in case there’s some issue or when something is not clear no matter whether they own FREE or PRO version.

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