Custom PHP & dedicated MySQL database & other services

I do offer certain services including custom PHP coding and dedicated MySQL database hosting along with security audits of websites. Of course I may be up for any extraordinary project, get a free quote if you’re interested. Moreover you don’t have to worry about a thing as...

  • I work with Linux servers, PHP & MySQL since 2000
  • MySQL and PHP environments are highly optimised on my own machines
  • I have extensive experiences with large MySQL databases (500+GB per database)
  • I worked as SEO for a UK company called thruSITES (sorry for no link, they’ve been sold)
  • Anything can be accomplished if there is will and time.

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Custom PHP, MySQL, HTML5 & CSS3 coding

No matter whether you need a small PHP project, modification of an existing script or whether you’re looking for a long term ongoing project & partnership simply let me know your requirements and specifications and you’ll get the answer. Your project can even be hosted on my own dedicated server (currently at with 8GB RAM and lots of space that will satisfy all needs of a web or database project. In addition I ♥ valid HTML5 & CSS3.

Dedicated MySQL database hosting

Perhaps your current host offers too little resources for SQL statements within MySQL server, perhaps your current host has installed tens of thousands databases on a single machine, perhaps you’re worried about security. You never know whether your current host is capable of performing a point-in-time recovery, therefore it could be the right time for switching to a professional MySQL server at rate which reflects your needs. There is no need to charge you $100 per year for a database that is only 20MB large, and why to pay $50 each month for a database that is only 1GB large?

  • It’s your database, no-one but you will be granted access to your data
  • 99.9% network uptime is guarnateed
  • Your database can even be replicated
  • MySQL parameters can be modified upon request
  • Overloaded MySQL server is a big NO-NO
  • Point-in-time recovery if needed (in case of accidental deletion of data, etc.)
  • Space is no problem - Need 2TB for database? You’ll get it

Security audits of websites

There’s hardly something worse for a webmaster than running a vulnerable website. Sometimes just a piece of code allows intruders to take over your website, sometimes there’s something hidden and unused with ability to cause crash of a database or to put hidden code to your webpages. Sometimes there are bots which are unseen until they spot a vulnerable part of your website, you never know. With security audit you greatly increase your chances of having a safe website.

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Please, make sure you mention all details and requirements as well as your budget and expected timeline.