Development of custom WordPress plugins

Sometimes there are plugins that aren’t suported any longer, sometimes they’re broken or don’t work with latest WordPress release, and sometimes customers need highly specialised custom plugins for their websites because they demand top-notch application in order to offer the best to the visitors of their websites. Success can be achieved when there’s something different as it wouldn’t make any sense if all websites were equal! In addion security and compatibility issues may exist within each free plugin, why to risk?

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The service

I do development of custom plugins for WordPress because this is a kind of service that cannot be classed as “monkey work.” It always can be a new experience where all involved parties end up in a win-win situation, moreover gaining new knowledge and skills cannot be bad!


One of the goals is to provide a bug-free secure plugin that can be integrated in a production environment without worrynig about a thing. Security is guaranteed and once a plugin is installed, it won’t bring any vulnerability to a website it works with. Each of my plugins is bulletproof!

Guaranteed 3 years of support

Internet world does evolve and so do related technologies such as Apache web server, PHP scripting, MySQL databases. Releasing a plugin without guaranteeing support for at least a year or two is ignorance of customer’s needs.

Final price

If you purchase a service from some company that claims it all can be done almost at free of charge then it sounds suspicions and in the end you might end up paying 10x more in order to get the thing finished. I never increase price if a deal is made. If our initial deal says $300 for a plugin, you will get it at this rate for sure. Otherwise you’ll receive a full refund!

Full support during installation and setup

Assistance during installation and setup of your new plugin is guaranteed and included in price. Your FTP account details cannot be misused by any malware or spyware on my computer as I strictly use Linux OS. Windows is being used for testing layout and browser compatibility only.

Optimised source code and database queries

Gone are times when I used to write almost the same thing twice, this is no more the case. You want a professional looking and behaving product, therefore this is a primary goal of whole development. As operations in MySQL may be crucial when talking about performance, all queries are always desgined to take as little time as possible.

Made in Europe

Development isn’t outsourced to other countries and companies, I do all work myself. Therefore I take all responsibility and guarantees for functionality and will provide 100% support if needed. Unlike many companies that outsource their work, I will always know what’s each line of code about, I can perform testing and won’t struggle to help. Documentation will be provided if necessary.

Compatibility check

Some plugins may interfere with each other, so before I start each project I take a close look at each plugin installed and will provide help & suggestions as what could go wrong plus what could be improved. In addition I will always double-check my plugin doesn’t mess up those already installed ones.

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