About Jan Hvizdak

I am currently 36 years old living in Slovakia and running several web projects, however am working as a database administrator these days. In order to keep this page short and to the point, here below are my skills.

  • Extensive knowledge of coding in PHP
  • Lots of experiences with really large MySQL databases
  • Management of Linux servers and desktops
  • Configuration and optimisation of web server environments
  • HTML, XHTML, HTML5 and CSS3 hard skills
  • Good knowledge of Google’s ranking algorithm

Coding isn’t the only thing I like, in fact there are activities that I like much more than spending time with my computer, however something has to make money. I’d rather spend my time driving fast through corners or taking pictures of beautiful sceneries... however when talking about “money making” I definitely prefer friendly approach between customer and service provider as it makes me sick when both parties keep distance from each other not allowing anyone to make things better than originally designed.

Service can be provided more effectively than usual if a customer and service provider share ideas, discuss things, talk in a friendly way... because communication between two parties that are about to create a value cannot be based upon official emails only(!).

Smiley’s are cool, achieved goals are cool, happy customers are cool too . If you’d like to have a look at services that I offer, check them by clicking this text, please.